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Choosing the right bulk water bottling system for your company is a serious proposition. A  quality water bottling system is a major financial investment. You want to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. You want a system that has a reputation for delivering reliable, dependable service; a machine that requires minimum maintenance and maximum productivity. And you want it to perform without fail for a long time.

Velocity Equipment Solutions has been building bulk water bottling systems to fill and sanitize 3-5 gallon bottles for 45+ years. Longevity is only one way to judge the quality of a company’s machinery. Velocity Equipment Solutions manufactured the original Cap SnapTM machines 30 years ago…and many of them are still being used today!

Bottling Systems designed for your production needs

Don’t let the name fool you: 
Although Velocity no longer builds water equipment under the Cap SnapTM name, the equipment incorporates the latest technology, and is far more advanced from the original Cap SnapTM systems.

Velocity Equipment Solutions manufactures superior quality bulk bottle filling machines and complete bulk water bottling systems for small-scale bottling production, as well as larger-scale production facilities. Our systems can be customized to meet all your needs, including cap sorters, conveyors, and sleevers.


With more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing bulk water bottle systems, Velocity Equipment Solutions literally knows every nut, bolt, and advanced component, enabling us to provide the industry’s best available technical support, repairs, and maintenance. We’re responsible for the manufacture of many of the machines that are still producing 30+ years after they were built. We provide expert repairs as well as complete frame-off restorations.

Ready for an Assessment?

We also offer a full assessment of your equipment.

During the assessment, your plant will receive an in-person visit from one of our experts who will review every aspect of your equipment, make minor repairs on-site, and provide you with feedback on how to improve output, speed, reliability, and more.

Should you need parts or service, our technicians and engineers will provide you with a detailed review, explanation, and quote so that you can make informed decisions.


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