For Water Bottling System, Bottle Cap Sorters, and Cap Snap Bottling Systems

Velocity Equipment Solutions provides reliable maintenance services for many water bottling systems, including Cap SnapTM systems.

Our support technicians are available for repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and service to our clients across the globe.

We can be reached 24/7/365 on our toll free number.


In the event that your equipment is not operational, your business will suffer as a result. No matter how many orders you receive, if your machinery cannot produce goods, it will impact your operations. Velocity Water Solutions is dedicated to supporting your success by ensuring timely delivery of the necessary parts. With warehouses strategically located worldwide, our team guarantees swift delivery of parts to you. Our knowledgeable support staff will assist you in acquiring parts in the most cost-effective manner possible, drawing on their technical expertise. We possess a comprehensive understanding of all major components and minor elements, enabling us to anticipate your part requirements accurately.

Whether you need replacements for worn-out parts or enhancements for improved performance and safety, Velocity Water Solutions offers a wide selection. Our inventory not only includes parts for our own machines, but also caters to machines from various other manufacturers. We maintain a substantial stock of parts for different manufacturers’ machines due to our experience in repairing equipment from diverse brands. This ensures that we can promptly ship the required parts worldwide to meet your needs.

Ready for an Assessment?

We also offer a full assessment of your equipment.

During the assessment, your plant will receive an in-person visit from one of our experts who will review every aspect of your equipment, make minor repairs on-site, and provide you with feedback on how to improve output, speed, reliability, and more.

Should you need parts or service, our technicians and engineers will provide you with a detailed review, explanation, and quote so that you can make informed decisions.


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