Decapper Units

Velocity 600 Semi-Automatic Decapper Unit

The Velocity 600 Semi-Automatic Decapper is a semi-automatic designed for manual operation.


Removes and discards Non-Spill caps from empty 3, 5, & 6-gallon returnable type bottles with 55mm neck finish
Stainless steel construction with clear Lexan coverings
49-1/2″ overall height
System requires clean, dry compressed air supply for operation; 3 CFM @ 90 PSI
Electricity not required
All material is RoHS compliant

Velocity 1800 Automatic Inline Decapper Unit

The Velocity 1800 Automatic Inline Decapper is the fully automatic, top quality solution for large water bottling operations.


Automatically removes and discards caps from empty 5-gallon bottles at speeds up to 1,800 BPH
Designed for over conveyor mounting
Stainless steel construction
Customized to fit top-of track height requirements
Right or left-hand cap discharge models available
Bottle-backup sensor prevents back-up of bottles into the decapper
Built-in sensor allows bottles without caps to pass through
Audible alarm sounds if cap is not removed completely
Compressed air required: 15 CFM @ 90 PSI
120VAC/1ph/60 Hz standard
Control panel with touch-screen
Requires minimum accumulation of 10’ power conveyor for proper operation
All material is RoHS compliant

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