Robotic Loading & Unloading

Velocity can completely design a robotic solution to fit your needs.


  • Full bottle load only scenarios
  • Full bottle load and empty bottle unload scenarios
  • Rack conveyor-gravity, powered, turntables, scissor-lift tables
  • Wide range of tooling options
  • Twin robot solutions for high-speed efficiency
  • Multiple rack style/size sensing devices
  • Photo/vision systems
  • Steel and/or plastic racks solutions
  • All material is RoHS compliant

Ready for an Assessment?

We also offer a full assessment of your equipment.

During the assessment, your plant will receive an in-person visit from one of our experts who will review every aspect of your equipment, make minor repairs on-site, and provide you with feedback on how to improve output, speed, reliability, and more.

Should you need parts or service, our technicians and engineers will provide you with a detailed review, explanation, and quote so that you can make informed decisions.


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