Bulk Water Bottling Equipment & Systems

Velocity Equipment Solutions produces a host of Bulk Water Bottling Systems to meet a variety of production needs. Your Velocity representative will take the time to help you determine the right system for your specific needs. Each can be customized for a variety of requirements.

These systems include:


This system is perfect for bottlers that need to produce up to 275 bottles per hour. This affordable system is popular for bottlers and/or operations that perform lower volume bottling.


This system provides an excellent solution for those requiring a medium volume water bottling solution. Capable of handling 300 to 600 bottles per hour, the Velocity 300-600 Water Bottling System features a compact layout that remains the same as your water bottling volume increases. It is upgradeable with expansion kits from Velocity H2O Equipment. With an impressive selection of optional add-ons and accessories, this Velocity system is a highly versatile and powerful water bottling systems solution.


This large-volume, full-scale solution is designed for bottlers in need of processing 1000 bottles every hour. The Velocity 1000-3000 Bulk Water Bottling System can fill 1000 to 3000 BPH depending on your particular volume needs. The all stainless steel construction and custom manufacturing process ensure the kind of service that has become the hallmark of Velocity machinery. It is a fully customizable solution that can be outfitted to meet your washing, rinsing, sanitizing, filling, and capping needs.

Ready for an Assessment?

We also offer a full assessment of your equipment.

During the assessment, your plant will receive an in-person visit from one of our experts who will review every aspect of your equipment, make minor repairs on-site, and provide you with feedback on how to improve output, speed, reliability, and more.

Should you need parts or service, our technicians and engineers will provide you with a detailed review, explanation, and quote so that you can make informed decisions.


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